Youth Challenge 2017/18 Application Form

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Ada Tsang     Wang Kai-fung     Chan Yuen-ting     Jeffrey Andrews    
Visiting The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong

EOC Youth Club

Objective : Encourage young people to stand up for equal opportunities and promote the message of breaking down stereotypes in school and the community
Your Involvement : A 'Career Challenge Ambassador' is expected to raise awareness about equal opportunities, for example:
  • To initiate personal efforts to promote awareness (e.g. to write a film/book report on equal opportunities, to design a slogan, or to write an article about breaking down stereotypes for submission to a publication)
  • To initiate team efforts to promote awareness of equal opportunities (e.g. drama performances, posters/bulletin boards design, or survey reports in schools)
  • To reach out to persons with disabilities, ethnic minority communities or disadvantaged communities
To obtain a certificate of involvement, you should complete the activities and submit a brief report to the EOC by May 2018. More details will be announced at the mentorship activities.

*A participant is required to undertake written tests, interviews and training before becoming eligible for selection as a programme host. Notification will be sent to individual participants for further arrangement.
Personal Information Collection   All information collected in this application form will only be used for the purpose of joining the Youth Challenge and related matters. The concerned parties have the right to request access to and correction of their personal data with the EOC.