Corporate Goal 5: Striving for organisational excellence
Priority Area: Deliver better services for the community

We will improve our internal capability by enhancing our organisational culture, developing and enhancing the competencies and expertise of staff to perform our role effectively, and implementing employment practices which align with equal opportunities. 

We will continue to foster effectiveness and expertise in our staff and in our work and strive to keep pace with the development of Hong Kong, as the community undergoes significant changes.

Item Thematic Focus Strategic actions Expected Results Indicators
5.1 Develop a service charter Draw up a service charter to reflect the EOC's commitment to delivering quality and cost-effective services
The public has a high regard for EOC’s work A service charter spelling out the service standards and confines of the EOC's services to be in place

EOC staff members are equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to meet service standards
5.2 Promulgate an updated Vision and Mission statements of the EOC
Review and revise the EOC’s Vision, Mission statements so that they accurately state  what the EOC’s organisational  values are and what the EOC intends to achieve EOC’s Vision and Mission will be the guiding principles of its work and intended  achievements Public feedback on the EOC’s work is positive
The EOC’s Vision, Mission statements, Core Values and Service Pledges are updated to reflect the EOC's mandate and its service standards
5.3 Communicate the EOC values through popular platforms Promote EO values to the public through existing and new platforms including the social media

Demonstrate the EOC’s commitment and accountability and mainstream EO values in society

Increased positive coverage of equal opportunities issues in mainstream media and the web and other media to demonstrate effective reach to the general community and targeted audiences
Engage and develop close rapport with NGOs/other organisations to help promote EO values   Closer ties and collaboration with partner organisations are evident through joint initiatives, programmes and projects in promoting EO values
5.4 Engage the younger generation on the EOC’s work Reach out to the younger generation via popular platforms among young people, including the social media Greater awareness on EO legislation, concepts, values and a more supportive stand of the EOC’s work among young people Projects / campaigns organised for young people on equal opportunities receive positive feedback
Research endeavours to provide the EOC with insight into young people’s knowledge and attitudes towards equal opportunities and anti-discrimination for formulating future publicity and educational strategies
5.5 Streamline EOC  policies, procedures and practices to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of our service provision 
Review and where appropriate re-engineer policies and operational procedures and  case-handling protocols to improve internal efficiencies and  cross-team collaboration Work efficiency and effectiveness are achieved Efficiency gained in terms of productivity and service improvements for the benefits of service users and stakeholder groups are evident
5.6 Devise strategies to cope with EOC’s staffing and financial challenges
Implement initiatives and programmes to restore budgetary surplus and rebuild a healthy financial reserve balance

The EOC maintains a healthy financial position and staff members have the capacity to manage its work effectively and achieve the EOC’s objectives Actual expense of the EOC is kept within the Government’s subvention, while resources are deployed effectively to deliver services according to the evolving needs of the community

Continuously commit to capacity building and workforce development with refined human resource strategies
  The overall productivity is enhanced with the application of refined human resources strategies