Organisational Structure of the Equal Opportunities Commission 法律及投訴專責小組 Legal and Complaints Committee 行政及財務專責小組 Administration and Finance Committee 主席 Chairperson 社會參與及宣傳專責小組 Community Participation and Publicity Committee 政策研究及培訓專責小組 Policy Research & Training Committee 營運總裁 Chief Operations Officer 投訴事務科總監 Complaint Services Division Director 法律服務科法律總監 Legal Service Division Chief Legal Counsel 少數族裔特設專職小組 Ethnic Minorities(EM) Unit 跨部門工作小組 Multi-disciplinary Work Teams 機構規劃及服務科總監, 管治委員會秘書 Corporate Planning & Services Division Director, Secretary to the Board 機構傳訊科主管 Coporate Communications Division Head 政策, 研究及培訓教總監 Policy, Research & Training Division Director * 現正檢討小組名稱及職權範圍 Name of Committee and terms of reference under review