Issue 1 - June 2009  
Chinese version
  Thematic Household Survey on Racial Acceptance  
The Equal Opportunities Commission has released the findings of a study “Thematic Household Survey on Racial Acceptance” conducted by the Census and Statistics Department (C&SD) on behalf of the EOC. It involves a face-to-face survey of 10,022 households and it is the first time that a survey of this size and coverage has been undertaken to gauge the community’s level of acceptance of racial diversities under different areas of life, such as employment, education and provision of goods, services and facilities.
  Race Discrimination Ordinance – Code of Practice on Employment  
The Code of Practice on Employment under the Race Discrimination Ordinance was gazetted on 8 May 2009. It is currently under consideration by a subcommittee of the Legislative Council. For the convenience of ethnic minorities, translated versions of the Code have been uploaded onto our website.