Issue 14 - 18 August 2010  
  1. “Cracking” the Dress Code  
While the anti-discrimination ordinance does not explicitly state that dress codes are unlawful, employers should avoid setting dress codes that may inadvertently discriminate on grounds of gender, pregnancy, disability or race. As a good practice, employers should review their dress codes periodically in order to take into account changes in society's attitude toward appropriate dress standards at work.

Latest settled case on dress code

  2. New Calendar Training Workshops for Fall 2010  
Check out our latest training workshops on equal opportunities scheduled for fall 2010. These workshops aim to help employers, human resources practitioners and members of the public to better understand the anti-discrimination legislation. A new training workshop, “Access for All”, which aims to assist participants to understand how to make their premises accessible for all and explore practical ways on actual implementation of accessible business, will be launched in October 2010. Places are limited. Enroll now!

Training Leaflet

  3. EOC’s Latest YouTube Video – “Unlock the Door of Silence”  
The EOC is pleased to present a new video “Unlock the Door of Silence”, which features sharing by ethnic minorities on difficulties they face in everyday life in Hong Kong and how they overcome these obstacles. This is one of the many videos produced by the EOC for our YouTube Channel to promote equal opportunities.

Unlock the Door of Silence (Part 1)

  Unlock the Door of Silence (Part 2))  
  4. Workshop on Equal Opportunities for Community Interpreters  
Community interpreters provide an indispensable service to Hong Kong’s ethnic minorities and the service providers. The EOC will be offering a workshop in September on Hong Kong’s anti-discrimination ordinances, specifically tailored for community interpreters. Key concepts and terminologies of the equal opportunities legislation will be explained.

Dates:  4 & 11 September 2010 (Saturday)


Time:  2:30 – 6:00 pm

  Venue: Conference Room of the EOC, 19/F, Cityplaza Three, 14 Taikoo Wan Road, Taikoo Shing, Hong Kong