Issue 20 - 17 December 2010  
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  1. The EOC Welcomes Progress on Universal Access  
The EOC has set up a Working Group on Access to spearhead and monitor measures to improve accessibility in Hong Kong. We are pleased with the government’s latest commitment to improving access in response to the EOC’s Formal Investigation (FI) on Accessibility in Publicly Accessible Premises in June 2010. Following the government’s announcement on 4 December 2010 to improve barrier-free access to its premises, Mr. Lam Woon-kwong, Chairperson of the EOC, said, “It is a major breakthrough which will benefit hundreds of thousands people with disabilities and our senior citizens.”
Mr. Lam also attended the meeting of the LegCo Panel on Welfare Services on 13 December 2010 to discuss the government’s response and follow-up actions to the FI report. The Panel resolved to monitor the progress of the government’s plan through a dedicated group and to hold a public hearing to invite views from stakeholders.
  Government’s Press Release: Barrier-free improvement works to complete by mid-2012  
  EOC’s Press Statement  
  2. The EOC Reports on Work Plans and Progress  
Members of the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) met on 16 December 2010 at the Commission’s 88th Meeting and discussed various matters including:
  • Revision of the Code of Practice (COP) on Employment under the Disability Discrimination Ordinance (DDO), and
  • The Government’s response to the Commission’s Formal Investigation (FI) Report on Accessibility in Publicly Accessible Premises

Link to the Press Release

  3. The EOC Taps Creative Talents to Fight Discrimination through A Photo Competition  
The EOC is calling for photo enthusiasts across Hong Kong to send in their work to our annual photo competition, entitled “My Vision of Equal Opportunities”. It is co-organised with the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, U Channel, and supported by RTHK. The theme of the photo can cover gender equality, inclusion of persons with disabilities, equal opportunities for persons with family status, or racial equality/harmony. Entry deadline is 7 February 2011. Take the chance to win great prizes and show us how you see equal opportunities.
  More information on “My Vision of Equal Opportunities”  
  4. EOC’s Latest Annual Report on our website now  
The EOC’s Annual Report 2009/10, with the theme “We As One”, has been published. In designing this Annual Report, we have implemented many new initiatives to improve transparency, increase clarity, and further the reach of our message of equal opportunities. We encourage you to have a look and see what we accomplished last year.
  Link to “We As One”, Foreword by the EOC Chairperson  

Link to the full Annual Report

Lastly, we wish you a wonderful holiday season and a joyous new year 2011!

The holiday season is an opportune time for reunions and charitable giving. The EOC is a supporter of WiseGiving, an initiative of The Hong Kong Council of Social Service to enhance accountability and transparency in charity giving. Donors may learn more about charity information such as governance and finances through their website, www.WiseGiving.org.hk.

Our sincere thanks for your support over the year 2010 of a more inclusive Hong Kong. Stay updated on the EOC’s work and positions by referring to our press releases and media interviews on our website. Also, stay tuned on other equal opportunities issues and community initiatives by visiting our community resources and community events pages for information from our community partners, including publications, survey reports, publicity campaigns, and upcoming conferences.