Issue 21 - 18 January 2011  
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  1. The EOC Promotes Equal Education Opportunities and Universal Access  
The EOC has designated education for ethnic minority students and “Access for All” as two priority areas for action. To promote understanding on the issues, the EOC will host sharing sessions with relevant stakeholders on these two topics in January. The sessions will provide an informal setting for stakeholders to exchange views and experiences.

“Education for Ethnic Minority Students” Sharing Session

  Date/Time: 22 Jan 2011 (Sat), 2:30pm-4:00pm  
  Venue: Conference Room, Equal Opportunities Commission  

“Access for All” Sharing Session


Date/Time:     29 Jan 2011 (Sat), 2:30pm-4:00pm

  Venue: Room 202, The Hong Kong Council of Social Service  
  EOC YouTube video : Unlock the Door of Silence  
  2. The EOC Introduces Guide to Fight Discrimination in Real Estate Leasing and Sales  
In response to complaints of discrimination when renting property, the EOC has developed a leaflet namely “What You Should Know as a Real Estate Agent, Landlord, Tenant, or Home Buyer under Hong Kong’s Anti-Discrimination Ordinances”. The leaflet explains the provisions of the existing four anti-discrimination ordinances to ensure compliance of real estate agents and landlords under the law, and outlines the rights of tenants and buyers under the anti-discrimination ordinances. The leaflet is being translated into six ethnic minority languages - Indonesian, Hindi, Nepalese, Tagalog, Thai, and Urdu - to be available soon. Take a look to learn your rights and responsibilities.

Link to the Leaflet

  3. Renowned Performing Artistes –Mr. Teddy Robin KWAN & Ms. Maria CORDERO, MH share their experiences of breaking barriers  
Renowned performing artistes, Mr. Teddy Robin and Ms. Maria Cordero, were the guest mentors of the EOC’s “Career Challenge 2010/11” sharing session, held on 17 December 2010 (Friday). They shared with hundreds of secondary students their experience on how to break down stereotypes and overcome hurdles on the road to success. The programme was co-organized by the EOC and the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG).
  Sharing of Teddy Robin and Maria Cordero  
  4. The EOC Supports “MaD 2011” and “Dialogue in Silence”  
The EOC is supporting the “Make a Difference (MaD) 2011” conference to be held on 21-23 January 2011. MaD 2011, organized by the Hong Kong Institute of Contemporary Culture, aims to inspire young people in Asia to make positive changes. The conference also marks the Hong Kong debut of “Dialogue in Silence” which provides a platform for hearing people to experience the world of people with hearing impairment. Come experience this barrier-breaking workshop for yourself.
  MaD 2011  
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