Issue 24 - 25 February 2011  
  1. The EOC Calls for Equal Rights and Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities  
On 17 February 2011, the EOC issued a statement in support of a motion passed by the Legislative Council on 16 February 2011 on Social Welfare Land Use. The EOC appealed to the community to be inclusive of persons with disabilities and persons with mental illness through supporting the establishment of rehabilitation institutions such as the Integrated Community Centres for Mental Wellness in their districts. The public is reminded of their rights and responsibilities under the Disability Discrimination Ordinance, with the EOC urging those who face discrimination to come forward with complaints.
On 19 February 2011, in support of equal participation for all, the EOC publicly reiterated its strong support for the inclusion of participants using wheelchairs in this City’s annual Marathon. The EOC firmly supports the efforts of the Hong Kong Amateur Athletic Association to ensure that wheelchair athletes will be able to take part in the 2012 Marathon.
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  2. Racial Discrimination in Service Provision is Unlawful  
The EOC previously received a complaint about discriminatory banking service after a bank teller demanded that a Hong Kong resident must show his Pakistani passport in order to open a bank account, although the same requirement is not made to other Hong Kong identity card holders. The case was resolved through early conciliation, with the bank offering an apology letter and a souvenir for the Complainant. The EOC reminds the public that the provision of goods, facilities and services is one of the protected areas under the Race Discrimination Ordinance. Service providers, including financial institutions and their employees, may not, on the basis of the service user’s race, refuse to provide service, or provide service of a lesser quality, discriminatory manner or terms.
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  3. The EOC Outreaches to the Community with Advertisements in MTR Stations  
MTR passengers can now gain an insight into the experience of discrimination and see our vision of equal opportunities as they use the public transport. To advance the work of the EOC in different areas, including preventing pregnancy discrimination and sexual harassment as well as promoting racial equality and access for all, there will be escalator advertisements from the EOC throughout the MTR network from 25 February 2011 to 10 March 2011. The ads will also be on extended display through the month of March at Exit E of the Tai Koo MTR station, which leads to the EOC office.
  4. EOC Promotes Equal Opportunities via Multimedia Competitions  
The EOC calls on multimedia enthusiasts to use your talent to show us how you view the situation of discrimination in Hong Kong. Please click on the links below for more information.
  • Uniquely Me! Video Competition (deadline: 12 March 2011) – Challenges Hong Kong youths to come up with a 5-7 minute video clip of their idea on how to create a discrimination-free Hong Kong.
  • “My Vision of Equal Opportunities” Photo Competition (deadline: 30 April 2011) – Encourages photo enthusiasts to send their work on the themes of gender equality, inclusion of persons with disabilities, accommodating persons with family status, or racial equality and harmony.
Stay updated on the EOC’s work and positions by referring to our press releases and media interviews on our website. Also, stay tuned on other equal opportunities issues and community initiatives by visiting our community resources and community events pages for information from our community partners, including publications, survey reports, publicity campaigns, and upcoming conferences.