Issue 35 - 10 August 2011  
  1. Start Early to End Discrimination  
  The EOC launches online training module on equal opportunities for preschoolers and urges parents and teachers to be vigilant about discriminatory attitudes  

On 2 August 2011, the EOC launched a new online training module, developed with the Child Education Centre for Teaching & Learning at the Institute of Vocational Education, to assist parents and preschool teachers to instill the values of equal opportunities in children at an early age. Concurrently, the EOC also announced the results of the commissioned study on local preschoolers’ attitude on discrimination, which found that many preschoolers had already developed prejudices about different races and disability. The study also indicated that the online training module helped to lessen these negative attitudes. Commenting on the need for children to develop an inclusive mindset from a young age, Mr. LAM Woon-kwong, the EOC Chairperson, said, “In today’s globalised world, discriminatory attitude can only impede one’s own development potential…We must ensure that our children do not risk falling behind due to inadvertent or acquired prejudices.”

Read the EOC Chairperson’s Speech
Read the press release
View the online training module

  2. “Men in Pain? Where is the Pain?”
Seminar to examine changing gender norms is now available on YouTube
Gender stereotypes affect both men and women, but there are few studies on the pressure men face due to changing gender norms and its effects. To investigate this issue, the EOC commissioned the “Exploratory Study on Gender Stereotyping and Its Impact on Male Gender” with the Gender Research Centre of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. On 18 June 2011, the first public seminar, "Men in Pain? Where is the Pain? - Deconstructing Masculinities, Gender Identities and Changing Gender Roles” was organised. Video clips from this seminar are now available for public viewing on the EOC’s YouTube channel. The second public seminar, "Are Men being Marginalized? - Analysis of Men's and Women's Structural Positions in Hong Kong", is scheduled for 17 September 2011.

Video clip of seminar: Part 1
Video clip of seminar: Part 2
Video clip of seminar: Part 3
Video clip of seminar: Part 4
Details on the Exploratory Study on Gender Stereotyping and Its Impact on Male Gender
Second Public Seminar on 17 September 2011

  3. The EOC Promotes Messages of Equality with Tram Body Advertisements  

Tram users may have recently noticed that Hong Kong’s iconic mode of transport has served an additional purpose of promoting equal opportunities over the last few months. The EOC’s tram body advertisement campaign is running from June to August 2011. Three trams carrying posters on access for all, racial equality and preventing pregnancy discrimination have been running in different districts to widen the reach of these messages to the public. Please take a look!

  4. EOC docu-drama episode wins prestigious Gold Prize at the Aurora Awards  

A 2009 episode of our TV Docu-drama series, A Mission for Equal Opportunities, co-produced by RTHK, was recently awarded the Gold Prize at the 2010 Aurora Awards. The Aurora Awards is an international competition which recognizes excellence in the film and video industries. The awarded episode, “Indecent Massage”, follows the struggle of an Indonesian domestic worker who was sexually harassed by her employer. The storyline reflects a common situation faced by many foreign domestic workers, and also educates the public by offering advice on the protection against sexual harassment under the law and how the EOC can help in such situations.


Watch the episode “Indecent Massage” (in English)
Watch the episode “Indecent Massage” (in Cantonese)
Watch the episode “Indecent Massage” (in Mandarin)
Watch the episode “Indecent Massage” (with Bahasa Indonesia subtitle)
Watch the episode “Indecent Massage” (with Thai subtitle)

  5. Concert in the Dark 2011
Experience a musical journey in complete darkness

The second annual “Concert in the Dark 2011” will take place on 25-28 August 2011 at the Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre. The concert series features musical performances held in complete darkness by various artistes including Joey Yung and Anthony Wong, with sound and voice performances by People Mountain People Sea and special guests, and people with visual impairment as musicians and stage managers. A production of Dialogue in the Dark and Social Ventures Hong Kong, this concert aims to raise awareness of Dialogue in the Dark and the development of social enterprises in this city. Proceeds after expenses will go to Dialogue in the Dark (HK) Foundation Limited which aims to bridge the gap between people with and without disabilities. Discounts for bulk purchases are available.

About Dialogue in the Dark

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