Issue 36 - 02 September 2011  
  1. The EOC Responds to the Judiciary Review on Adjudication of Equal Opportunities Claims  

The EOC welcomed the Judiciary’s affirmation that anti-discrimination statutes are social legislation protecting civil rights and that equal opportunities claims should be adjudicated in a speedy and inexpensive manner, as suggested in a review paper released by the Judiciary on 1 September 2011. The above reasons are in line with the EOC’s recommendation for the establishment of a special Equal Opportunities Tribunal to simplify the adjudication process.

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  2. “Enhance Workplace Diversity if You Want the Best Talents”
The EOC Chairperson discusses fighting discrimination and advancing equality with Hong Kong Lawyer magazine
In the August 2011 issue of Hong Kong Lawyer, the official journal of the Law Society of Hong Kong, the EOC Chairperson, Mr. LAM Woon-kwong, discussed the need for society to change its mindset and shed its stereotypes before true equality can be achieved. Mr. Lam also stressed that employers must enhance diversity in the workplace if they are serious about competing for talent in the 21st century.

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  3. A Better Solution to Workplace Disability Issues
Join the EO Club and attend our seminar on preventing discrimination in the workplace

The largest number of complaints handled by the EOC in 2010/11 falls under the Disability Discrimination Ordinance, of which almost three-quarters are employment-related. Do you know how to handle sick leave, absence and performance issues at work in a non-discriminatory way? Join the EO Club now in promoting equal opportunities in the workplace! Membership privileges include free training sessions, such as the upcoming “A Better Solution to Workplace Disability Issues – A Case Analysis” on 6 September 2011.

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Case Study: Dispute on Light Duty (Disability Discrimination Ordinance)

  4. An Opportunity for Learning and Development
The Women's Foundation's 2011/12 Mentoring Programme

To empower future female leaders, the third year of the Women’s Foundation’s Mentoring Programme for Women Leaders will be launched in September 2011. The programme pairs female protégés with successful mentors to share a range of educational experiences for career and personal development. Events include talks, social gatherings, workshops, one-on-one mentoring and mentoring circles, and networking opportunities. The EOC is a supporting organization of this programme.


  5. “Rehab Needs Neighbourhood Support”
The EOC participates in Mental Health Month and Mental Health Walk

The EOC is participating in the annual Mental Health Month, organized by the Labour and Welfare Bureau, to advocate greater acceptance of people with mental illness. The theme of Mental Health Month 2011 is “Rehab Needs Neighbourhood Support”. A series of programmes/workshops will be organized to increase community awareness. To kick off the territory-wide event, a Mental Health Walk will take place on 9 October 2011 from Canton Road Playground to the finish line in Kowloon Park with performances, arts and crafts, and information stalls.

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