Roving Drama Performances on Equal Opportunities
Focusing on children and youth is a major EOC strategy as we seek to nurture acceptance of equal opportunity and inclusion from an early age. The EOC has engaged three local theatre troupes to stage plays and puppet shows on equal opportunities, the four anti-discrimination ordinances and diversity issues. In view of the enthusiastic response from schools in previous years, the theatre troupes will continue to run all the roving drama performances including the new release "The Story of Blue". This drama performance promotes the message of equal opportunities and inclusion to primary students in an interactive way.
"The Story of Blue" - Story Outline:
One day, Miss Lee announces to all students that Jumbo Kids Primary School will celebrate its anniversary the next day. To commemorate the school’s anniversary, the 3D Class decides to hold a masquerade where the students are free to dress the way they want to. Miss Lee tells them she will also introduce a new student to the class at the party. What happens to the students when they are busy with dressing up themselves? And what surprise will the new classmate bring to the 3D Class?
The performances are conducted in Cantonese. Interested schools can contact the following theatre troupes directly:
Jumbo Kids Theatre Tel : 2146 9466 Email:

(Themes: promoting racial equality and harmony)


Forest Union Tel: 6799 4089 Email:

(Theme: prevention of sexual harassment)
The Kids on the Block (puppet shows)
Tel: 2819 3611 Email:

(Theme: understanding of disability issues and gender equality)