Issue 30 - 19 May 2011  
  1. The EOC welcomes new Members  
The EOC welcomes the Government’s appointment of four new Members today. We look forward to working with these experts of their respective fields to promote equal opportunities and inclusiveness in Hong Kong. The EOC also extends our sincere gratitude to the four outgoing Members including Prof. Randy CHIU, Mrs. CHONG WONG Chor-sar, Dr. Agnes LAW Koon-chui and Mr. Saeed UDDIN for their support, guidance, and commitment to advancing equal opportunities.
  Read the Government’s press release  
  Read the EOC’s press statement  
  2. The EOC organizes seminar to discuss men’s issues: “Men in Pain? Where is the Pain?”  
As part of the EOC-commissioned project, “Exploratory Study on Gender Stereotyping and Its Impacts on Male Gender”, with the Gender Research Centre of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, public seminars will be organized. The first seminar will be on the topic, “Men in Pain? Where is the Pain? - Deconstructing Masculinities, Gender Identities and Changing Gender Roles”. Please click on the link below for more details and online application form.
  Date: 18 June 2011 (Saturday)  
  Time: 10:00am - 12:00 noon  
  Venue:Auditorium Hall, HKCSS The Duke of Windsor Social Service Building  
  Language: Cantonese  
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  3. The EOC supports equal opportunities for LGBT community at IDAHO  
At the rally on 15 May 2011 to mark the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO), the EOC Chairperson, Mr. LAM Woon-kwong, spoke out in support of equal opportunities for the LGBT community. In his remarks, Mr. Lam said, “In a genuinely open and inclusive society, every one of us should have the freedom to be who we are irrespective of our sexual orientation and gender identity. No one should have to struggle in order to enjoy these basic rights…I consider it a mission of the EOC to advocate for equal rights for the LGBT community and their equal protection under the law against discrimination.”
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  4. The EOC promotes empowerment of youth as supporting organization of “Youth Difference Maker Award” and “Mad x DESIGN LIVES” workshop  
To encourage young people to get involved in equality issues, the EOC is supporting two youth initiatives. The first is the “Youth Difference Maker Award”, organized by the Hong Kong Spinal Cord Injury Fund (HKSCIF), which aims to encourage primary and secondary students to take action towards positive social change. The second is “MaD x DESIGN LIVES”, an extension of the youth conference Make a Difference (MaD) 2011. This programme, focusing on the topic of universal design and curated by Dr. Yanki Lee, will include a two-day workshop, a design competition, and ideas implementation. Please click the links below for more information.
  HKSCIF’s Youth Difference Maker Award details (in Chinese)  
  5. Call for entries for the Uniquely Me! Writing and Speech Competition  
The EOC is calling on visionary young people to send us their ideas on the topic “For a Better Tomorrow”. The deadline is 10 June 2011, and the entry can be in the form of an original speech or essay in English of not more than 300 words. Take the chance to showcase your talent, win prizes, and let Hong Kong know your thoughts on a better tomorrow. This competition is part of Uniquely Me!, the EOC’s programme to empower youths to break stereotypes and contribute to a more inclusive society.
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