Under the six-month Scheme, an array of experiential learning activities and mentoring activities will be arranged for the Youth Ambassadors to facilitate their understanding of equal opportunities. The following activities will be arranged subject to confirmation.


  • Sporting activities with athletes with disabilities;
  • Visit to training centre for guide dogs;
  • Visit to a company which employs persons with disabilities and/or ethnic minorities;
  • Visit to religious establishments (e.g.mosques);
  • Training on anti-discrimination ordinances;
  • Mentoring activities.


A recognition ceremony would be held at the end of the Scheme. The Youth Ambassadors will be required to produce a short video or conduct a brief presentation to recount their experiences upon the completion of the Scheme. These materials will be presented at the recognition ceremony. They will also be posted on the webpage of the Scheme and on the Youth Ambassadors’ social media accounts.