Issue 12 - 1 June 2010  
  1. Help Spread the Message: Don’t Incite Hatred on the Net  
Recently the EOC has received complaints about the posting of derogatory remarks on the internet about particular racial groups. Under Section 45 of the Race Discrimination Ordinance (RDO) on the subject of vilification, it is unlawful for a person to incite hatred towards, by any activity in public, another person on the ground of the person’s race. There is a similar legal provision on vilification under the Disability Discrimination Ordinance. Under the RDO, offence of serious vilification is liable on conviction to a fine at level 6 ($50,001-$100,000) and to imprisonment for 2 years.

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  2. “Heads in the Sand” - Hong Kong’s Retirement Protection Policy  
Mr. Lam Woon-kwong, the EOC Chairperson, points out in a recent speech that the Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme (MPF) can only provide marginal protection for retirement. The reasons are – (1) the MPF does not protect the homemakers and low income workers, many of whom are women; and (2) the future investment returns of individuals’ MPF accounts are not entirely predictable. He urges the Government to review the current MPF scheme and explore other options for the betterment of our aging community.

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  3. EOC to Participate in the 12th International Conference and Exhibition on Mobility and Transport for Elderly and Disabled Persons (TRANSED 2010)  
Obstacles and barriers often stop persons with disabilities from moving around and doing things that many others take for granted. The EOC believes that all buildings and transportations should be made accessible by adopting universal design. Come to visit the EOC’s booth (D09) at the captioned exhibition to be held on 2-4 June 2010 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.
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  TRANSED 2010  
  4. Equal Opportunities Diversity Project  
The EOC will join hands with RTHK Radio 2 to stage the finale of our year-long radio programme titled Equal Opportunities Diversity Project on 5 June 2010 (Saturday). All are welcome!
Date: 5 June 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 2:00 to 3:30 pm
Venue: Shatin Town Hall Plaza, Shatin
The theme of the programme is to promote racial equality and harmony. It will conclude our year-long radio project and feature performances and sharing by ethnic minorities and artistes including Leo Ku and Miriam Yeung. This radio project which has been broadcast on RTHK Radio 2 (FM 94.8-96.9) 2:00 to 2:30 pm, every Wednesday from May 2009 onwards, highlights weekly interviews on equal opportunities issues and interactive radio drama.
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