Issue 15 - 10 September 2010  
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  1. “Why Should We Care?” – A Message from the EOC Chairperson on Accessibility Issues  
On 9 September 2010, the South China Morning Post published an article by the EOC Chairperson, Mr. Lam Woon-Kwong, discussing why we must do better to ensure accessibility for all.
“…Accessibility is everyone’s issue, and we must move beyond being concerned merely for today’s convenience in order to adequately prepare for the assistance we all may require tomorrow. We need to start looking at universal design as a necessary and beneficial-for-all arrangement…It is only fitting that the government acts now to seriously tackle the accessibility problems…We must also call on the private sector to join in the collective effort …so that together we can live up to our aspirations as a civilized and inclusive society.”
  Full article on SCMP  
  The EOC’s Formal Investigation on Accessibility to Publicly Accessible Premises  
  2. Sexual Harassment Case  
On 23 August 2010, the District Court awarded HK$197,039 in compensation to a female employee who was sexually harassed by her supervisor and dismissed due to discrimination on the ground of her sex. The plaintiff received legal assistance from the EOC. By taking this case to court, the EOC hopes to raise public awareness and encourage employers to take practicable steps to guard against any activity which may be unwelcome conducts of a sexual nature or any act which may create a sexually hostile environment.

More details on the case

  3. EOC’s Statement on the Manila Hostage Crisis  
In the aftermath of the Manila Hostage crisis, the EOC issued a press statement on 25 August 2010 urging members of the community to remain calm and “in line with our good tradition of tolerance and understanding, refrain from shifting our anger towards an innocent group, particularly the Filipinos who are living or travelling in Hong Kong.” The EOC further appealed to the people of Hong Kong to “guard against any action which may cause racial hatred or discord” and reiterated that anyone who feels he/she is suffering from discrimination on the ground of race may seek help from the EOC. The Commission’s stance was covered in both local and international media.

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  4. “A World of Colours” – Visit our Website Today!  
The EOC is committed to promoting an inclusive society in Hong Kong. On our webpage, A World of Colours, you can find links to information on the Race Discrimination Ordinance (RDO) as well as on EOC programmes to promote racial harmony, including episodes of our docu-drama and winning entries from our photo competition. Latest uploaded videos include our EO documentary “Unlock the Door of Silence” and “Equal Opportunities and Diversity - Colour My World”.
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