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Curatorial Statement

As Hong Kong faces unprecedented challenges, there has been growing cynicism towards the ideal of an inclusive society, and yet our city has always been home to diverse, albeit underrepresented communities: people with disabilities, ethnic minorities, working-class women, people with mental health issues, immigrants from mainland China, LGBT+ people… Like many, they work hard and aspire to a better future, except that they have bigger hurdles to overcome, and more misconceptions to tackle.

Indeed, inequality is not some abstract notion or intellectual invention; it is embedded in moments of everyday, often commonplace experience. With this in mind, the Equal Opportunities Commission has partnered with a wide spectrum of civil society groups to invite members of marginalised communities to contribute original photographic works capturing life as they live it – the good, the bad, the joys and the frustrations.

Featuring four sections, namely “Different and Equal”, “Where We Belong”, “Voices of Womanhood” and “Battling Stigma”, this exhibition may look like a collage of different styles and genres, but there is a shared desire to break free from the shackles of prejudice and other environmental barriers, and to celebrate life without having to hide.

Supporting Organisations

Association for Transgender Rights
Association of Women with Disabilities Hong Kong
Project Touch of The Boys' & Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong
Committee on Gender Equality and Diversity, Faculty of Arts, The University of Hong Kong
Gay & Grey
Hong Kong Federation of Women's Centres
The Hong Kong Society for the Deaf
KELY Support Group
Les Corner Empowerment Association
Mental Health Photographic Society
Society for Community Organization

Venue Partners

The Mills
Faculty of Arts, The University of Hong Kong