Issue 39 - 1 November 2011

1.     The EOC’s Submission to the Review on Adjudication of Equal Opportunities Claims by the District Court


The EOC’s Submission to the Review on
        Adjudication of Equal Opportunities Claims by the District CourtThe EOC has submitted our comments to the Judiciary in response to the Review on Adjudication of Equal Opportunities Claims by the District Court. The EOC is in agreement with many of the recommendations proposed in the Judiciary’s Consultation Paper, including in areas such as promoting early intervention and reducing cost and time. The EOC maintains, however, that it is best for the above-mentioned changes to take place under a new framework of a separate Equal Opportunities Tribunal, which could be more effective in leading a shift in public attitude against discrimination and providing an informal and user-friendly adjudication system for aggrieved persons.

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2.     “On a Clear Day – if there is NO DISCRIMINATION”

The EOC’s Commercial Radio programme to be launched on 4 November


“On a Clear Day – if there is NO
        DISCRIMINATION”The EOC will launch a new radio segment, “On a Clear Day – If there is NO DISCRIMINATION,” starting on 4 November 2011. The five-minute segment, in Cantonese with the theme of working together to eliminate discrimination, will be broadcast every Friday between 8-9am until 3 February 2012. To widen public awareness on this radio segment, there will be poster advertisements at various MTR stations throughout the city from 29 October to 4 November 2011. This advertisement campaign will feature U-Tie, a downloadable application which allows smartphone users to be directed to more information on our website when they take a photo of any of our posters containing the U-tie logo using the app. Please do check it out!


3.     A Mission for Equal Opportunities

EOC docu-drama wins international award


A Mission for Equal OpportunitiesAn episode of the EOC’s docu-drama series, “A Mission for Equal Opportunities,” has received an Award of Merit from the Accolade Film, Television, New Media & Videography Awards in the category of “contemporary issues/awareness raising.” The Accolade Awards recognizes excellence in cinematic productions. The episode, entitled “Skirted,” was based on the real-life case of a female teacher who sought assistance from the EOC after the school imposed a dress code which was in effect more restrictive for female teachers than male teachers. The 2011 series is available for viewing on our website in Cantonese, with the English version coming soon.

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4.     Access for All

The EOC supports the government’s latest campaign to promote web accessibility


Access for AllOn 25 October, the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer launched the Web Accessibility Campaign to promote the adoption of accessible design in websites in the public and private sectors. Under the campaign, a management handbook has been produced for public and private organisations on the latest international accessibility guidelines and standards, and good practices will also be promoted. The EOC commends the government’s efforts to advance barrier-free access to information technology and online services and urges all organisations to cater to the different needs of their users.

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EOC’s disability resource page Barrier-free Life


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