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  1. EOC Chairperson’s New Blog

Photo of EOC Chairperson Professor Alfred CHAN Cheung-mingSince he became EOC Chairperson this April, Professor Alfred CHAN has been asked a lot about his views and stance on a range of topics related to equal opportunities. To let the stakeholders and general public know more about his thoughts, Prof. Chan has started the blog The Chairperson’s Perspectives on the EOC website, where he shares anecdotes about his work, his views on happenings in Hong Kong, and his ideas on how to make the world a more equal place. Check out the blog now to see what Prof. Chan has in mind lately.

 The Chairperson’s Perspectives


  1. The Paralympics – Where the Heroes Come

Logo of Rio ParalympicsThe curtain that closed on the Rio Olympic Games will soon fling open again to usher in the Paralympic Games (7 to 18 September). For decades, this large-scale sporting event has served as an important platform for athletes with disabilities worldwide to show the world their extraordinary achievements in sports and their unyielding spirit. The word “Paralympic” is a portmanteau (a word that is developed by blending two other words) of the Greek preposition “para”, which means alongside, and the word “Olympic”, suggesting that the Paralympic and Olympic movements run parallel and uphold the same spirit of sportsmanship.
The Rio edition is the first-ever Paralympic Games taking place on the soil of South America. More than 4,000 athletes from over 170 nations are taking part, including EOC Board Member and world-class wheelchair fencer Miss YU Chui-yee and 23 other athletes representing Hong Kong. We can’t wait to watch the exciting performances of the Hong Kong team and cheer them on!

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Official website of the Paralympic Games


  1. Equal Opportunities Slogan Competition Results Have Been Announced

EOC Slogan Competition BannerIn May 2016, the EOC launched the Equal Opportunities Slogan Competition to raise awareness of the concept and importance of equality for all. We are pleased to have received an overwhelming 8,000 entries. After evaluation by four Board Members of the EOC, the winners have been selected and notified separately, and the top three entries in each category are now listed on the EOC website. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the winners and thank all the participants for their support.
Meanwhile, the Equal Opportunities Multimedia Competition, launched to celebrate the EOC’s 20th anniversary, is ongoing. Those who are interested can submit a short video, photo and/or poster under the theme “Past and Future: Advancing Equal Opportunities in Hong Kong” by 17 October 2016 to win attractive prices and showcase their talent and vision.

Results of the Equal Opportunities Slogan Competition
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  1. New EO Club Seminar: “Promoting Equal Opportunities of Pregnant Women and Working Mothers in the Workplace”

    Being a mother is no easy matter. To begin with, pregnancy and labour are both physically and emotionally taxing. And once the baby is born, sleepless nights and endless worries ensue. Yet, some employers fail to  extend their  sympathy to  their  child-bearing and   -rearing employees, as they falsely perceive pregnancy as weakness, pre-natal check-ups and breast milk collection as absenteeism, and mothers with young children as lacking ambition.
Such unfair and unjustified views have to be changed to protect pregnant women and mothers who are simply fulfilling their family responsibilities. In view of the prevalence of discrimination suffered by working women with family statuses, the EO Club is organising a seminar on the subject on 9 September 2016. By making corporate members and human resources professionals aware of the needs of mothers and mothers-to-be, we hope to galvanize them into shaping a corporate culture that allows pregnant women and working mothers to contribute to society and the economy without compromising their family lives, their health, and the well-being of their children.

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  1. EOC’s Fall Training Programmes are Open for Enrolment

Leaflet of EOC Fall 2016 Training ProgrammeFor many among us, the majority of our time is spent at work. Inevitably, the workplace is where discrimination can easily take root. In fact, close to 80% of the complaints received by the EOC is employment-related. To promote equal opportunities in the workplace, the EOC organises training programmes on anti-discrimination legislation and related management strategies for companies and organisations. This fall, we are offering 10 courses, including workshops for human resources personnel to help them ensure their company policies comply with the anti-discrimination ordinances. Registration is now open and places are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Additionally, the EOC provides tailor-made corporate training services. Interested corporations are welcome to contact our Policy, Research & Training Division at 2106 2155.

The EOC fall training programmes and enrolment form


  1. Busting Myths and Misconceptions about Sexual Harassment on Campuses

EOC Online Training Module on Preventing Sexual Harassment on CampusA recent poll conducted by the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts student union found that sexual harassment was rampant at the institution: 12% of the students have suffered from sexual harassment and 18% have witnessed their peers being sexually harassed by professors. The poll was carried out after a court case in April, in which the Academy’s former drama school head sued the institution for victimising him for reporting sexual harassment cases to the management.
Owing to misconception and misunderstanding of the nature of sexual harassment, school managements sometimes fail to handle complaints properly. But worse, victims are often reluctant to report the cases due to embarrassment, while a lot are even unaware of their rights and the channels to do so.
To ensure both staff and students understand their rights and liabilities when it comes to sexual harassment, the EOC has created a free online course on the topic. In an interactive manner, the course debunks various myths, expounds the related law, outlines the liabilities of different parties under different circumstances, and highlights the cost of sexual harassment. Staff and students of tertiary institutions are encouraged to take the course, upon the completion of which they will receive an e-certificate and a small gift. It is hoped that the unlawful act will eventually be uprooted on school campuses when everyone understands its harm and the serious consequences.

Take the “Preventing Sexual Harassment on Campus” online course
Framework for sexual harassment policies in schools developed by the EOC


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