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16 February 2012
Issue 45


  1. The EOC Welcomes LegCo’s Motion on Education for Ethnic Minorities

Cover of the Report of the Working Group on Education for Ethnic Minorities The EOC welcomes the Motion by Members of the Legislative Council on 8 February 2012 urging the Government to take concrete steps to address the issue of education for ethnic minority children and follow up on the EOC’s recommendations from the Report of the Working Group on Education for Ethnic Minorities. The Motion notes that “Equal access to quality education…is pivotal not only to such students' pursuit of further education and employment, but also to Hong Kong maintaining its competitiveness.”

View the Motion in detail
Read the EOC Chairperson’s article in the SCMP on this issue
Read the EOC’s submission to LegCo concerning education for ethnic minority children


  1. Are our policies compatible with our vision as a World City?
    The EOC Chairperson discusses the Right of Abode issue at recent forum

Picture of a pairs scales On 12 February 2012, Mr. LAM Woon-kwong, the EOC Chairperson, was a panel speaker at the Forum on Right of Abode for Foreign Domestic Workers organized by Hong Kong Polytechnic University with some NGOs. Mr. Lam examined and discussed the legal, academic, social and international perspectives on this issue. He noted that the High Court ruling on the right of abode issue was concerned exclusively with the legal merit of the case, not the validity of the social policy regarding whether foreign domestic workers should be given the right of abode. Mr. Lam also called upon the public to reflect on three major questions: (1) whether Hong Kong’s current migrant policy is working towards the city’s long-term interest; (2) whether the current labour policy on foreign domestic workers is sustainable; and (3) whether Hong Kong’s social and economic policies are compatible with its declared vision as Asia’s World City.


  1. “Respect people as individuals”
    Stay updated on the EOC’s position on social issues through the latest speeches and media interviews

Cartoon featuring the earth and hands in different colours “It’s our job to remind the public to respect people as individuals and not stereotype them according to their ethnicity or place of origin,” said Mr. LAM Woon-kwong, the EOC Chairperson. In a recent series of media interviews and public statements, Mr. Lam repeatedly emphasized that we must not harass or vilify others and we should take a more constructive approach to finding solutions: “A conflict cannot be resolved by shouting at each other.” Through the latest speeches and media interviews, posted on our website, you can stay updated on the EOC’s position and views on current social issues as well as the Commission’s work to promote an inclusive society. Latest topics discussed include the hostility between Hongkongers and Mainlanders, employee engagement in a time of volatility, and equal education opportunity for ethnic minorities.

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View/listen to past media interviews


  1. Advance your understanding of Equal Opportunity Issues through the EOC’s Calendar Training

Cover of EOC Training Calendar To continuously enhance public awareness of issues relating to discrimination and equal opportunities, the EOC provides calendar training workshops on the anti-discrimination ordinances and other related topics. In particular, since the Code of Practice on Employment under the Disability Discrimination Ordinance came into effect in June 2011, the EOC is offering a new course, “Human Resource Management under the Disability Discrimination Ordinance” to facilitate the understanding of managers and human resource practitioners on employment-related disability discrimination issues.

Spring 2012 Calendar Training


  1. So-Biz: Shop Freely; Serve Friendly

Logo of So-Biz project Senior citizens, people with disabilities, and ethnic minorities currently account for 12.4%, 5.2% and 5% of Hong Kong’s population respectively. Yet without a better understanding of their specific needs, concerns, and difficulties, many companies cannot benefit from these groups’ potential as customers. To encourage greater awareness among small and medium enterprises, the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, in collaboration with the EOC and the Hong Kong Retail Management Association, launched the So-Biz Award, a three-stars award scheme to recognize merchants who provide "Shop Freely; Serve Friendly" environment and "barrier-free" service to customers. The So-Biz project also provides participating companies with free seminars and training workshops on this issue to help them better serve these groups.

About So-Biz project

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