Issue 38 - 26 October 2011

1.     "To go freely where everyone else can go"

The EOC successfully negotiates an out of court settlement on behalf of an elderly woman with mobility difficulties


"To go freely where everyone else can go"After commencing legal proceedings under the Disability Discrimination Ordinance in July 2011 on behalf of a Plaintiff who is an elderly person with mobility difficulties, the EOC has successfully negotiated an out of court settlement on her behalf. The Plaintiff has great difficulty accessing or leaving her home on the second floor which has no lift access. As part of the settlement, the defendant who is the Incorporated Owners of the Estate has agreed to provide lift access to various blocks of the estate. "This case should remind all developers and property management companies of their legal obligations to provide equal access to people with disabilities," said Mr. LAM Woon-kwong, EOC Chairperson.

Read the press release

Read our leaflet "What You Should Know as a Real Estate Agent, Landlord, Tenant, or Home Buyer"

Our disability resource page "Barrier-Free Life"


2.     Career Challenge 2011-2012

The EOC's annual youth mentorship programme opens for application


Career Challenge 2011-2012Career Challenge, the EOC's annual youth mentorship programme, is now open for application! First launched in 2002, Career Challenge reaches hundreds of secondary school students each year to promote the importance of breaking down stereotypes and widening their horizons through activities such as mentor sharing sessions and field visits. Among this year's group of nine esteemed mentors, the first few sharing sessions will feature Mr. Jaspal BINDRA, Group Executive Director and CEO of Standard Chartered Bank Asia; Ms Prudence MAK, Founder and Creative Director of the Chocolate Rain; and Ms Kay TSE, popular singer. Ms Mak will also be a guest on our radio show, Equal Opportunities Diversity Project, on RTHK Radio 2 on 26 October, from 2:00pm to 2:30pm. This year, students will get a chance to visit Kowloon Mosque. In addition, interested students may apply to become the programme hosts at each sharing session, which is recorded as video programmes and uploaded onto the EOC's YouTube channel. Application deadline: 15 November 2011.

Details and online application form

Career Challenge 2010/11

EOC's Radio Programme "Equal Opportunities and Diversity Project"


3.     A World of Colours

The EOC creates a resource webpage on racial equality issues


A World of ColoursGiven Hong Kong's diverse population, it is in all of our interest to promote racial equality and good relations between the various groups. To widen access to useful information and advance equal opportunities, the EOC has created a one-stop resource webpage, "A World of Colours", which lists services available for ethnic minorities and other relevant knowledge for all members of Hong Kong. Topics include employment services, education, health and welfare, government and community support, among many others. Do take a look!

A World of Colours


4.     A Matter of S/He

Preventing Sexual Harassment on Campus Together


With the new school year under way, the EOC urges university students and staff to study "A matter of s/he", the EOC's online training module on preventing sexual harassment for tertiary education institutions. The self-learning course aims to raise students' and staff's awareness about behaviors that may constitute unlawful acts under the Sex Discrimination Ordinance in an education setting.

A Matter of S/HeThe EOC is working with twelve local tertiary institutions to further promote this interactive course. E-certificates will be awarded to registered users of the training module who successfully completes the online course. Those who finish the e-course on or before 31 December 2011 will also be entered into a lucky draw for a chance to win a 4G USB memory stick.

A Matter of S/He Online Training Module


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