Conciliated Cases

Sexual Harassment on Campuses

The Sexual Harasser (Jan 2008 Issue No. 44)
Not Just a Compliment (Apr 2006 Issue No. 37)

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Treatment or Harassment (Jan 2009 Issue No. 48)
The Story of Mary (Jul 2008 Issue No. 46)
Power Imbalance (Apr 2008 Issue No. 45)
Working in Fear (Apr 2007 Issue No. 41)
It Doesn’t Exist If No One Knows (Oct 2006 Issue No. 39)
Zero Tolerance (Jul 2005 Issue No. 34)
No Pornography Please (Oct 2004 Issue No. 31)
Absolutely Unwelcome (Jun 2003 Issue No. 26)
Just a Regular Check-up (Sep 2002 Issue No. 23)
You have the right to say “NO” (May 2001 Issue No. 18)


Register of Settlement by Conciliation