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Equal Opportunities Commission

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What is EOC

The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC), established in May 1996, is a statutory body responsible for implementing the Sex Discrimination Ordinance, the Disability Discrimination Ordinance, the Family Status Discrimination Ordinance and the Race Discrimination Ordinance in Hong Kong.

The EOC works towards the elimination of discrimination on the grounds of sex, marital status, pregnancy, breastfeeding, disability, family status and race.

We also aim to eliminate sexual harassment, breastfeeding harassment and harassment and vilification on the grounds of disability and race. We promote equality of opportunities between men and women, between persons with and without a disability, and irrespective of family status and race.

Hong Kong’s housing crisis discussion must home in on the struggles of ethnic minority residents
The recent impetus given to tackling housing issues and the flurry of outreach efforts by senior officials to those from grass-root communities, particularly people living in subdivided units, is timely. October 4 was World Habitat Day, when we were invited to reflect on the state of our towns and cities, and the basic right of all to adequate shelter.
打擊影像性暴力行為 (Chinese only)
消除基於居民身份的歧視 (Chinese only)
Religious head coverings for barristers a win for diversity
Since September 1, barristers are allowed religious head-coverings instead of traditional wigs. We hope the high profile example set by the Bar Association and Chief Justice will be suitably promoted and given visibility in order to have a trickle-down effect on other organisations and employers. It sets a precedent and one that should be emulated.
共融在校園 (Chinese only)
With shield of Hong Kong law, no one should suffer racism in silence
The public reactions generated by reports of an alleged incident of racial profiling at a cosmetics outlet last month, first posted on social media and later picked up by this paper, highlight people’s growing awareness of behaviour and attitudes that may constitute racially biased treatment, and the power of voicing out concerns to seek justice.
莘莘學子上學去 (Chinese only)
消除隔閡 共襄盛舉 (Chinese only)
香港之光:為殘疾運動員喝采 (Chinese only)
餵哺母乳 不容歧視 (Chinese only)
這幾天大家在電視觀看奧運比賽時,有沒有留意一輯關於消除母乳餵哺歧視的電視宣傳短片已經播出?這輯名為「餵哺母乳 不容歧視」的全新電視宣傳短片,是平機會就經修訂後的《性別歧視條例》涵蓋保障本港婦女免受餵哺母乳歧視和騷擾而製作。宣傳片已經於前天(8月2日)開始在免費電視台、收費電視台及港台電視的各個頻道播放。
Hong Kong must learn the Olympic lesson of valuing diversity, inclusion and solidarity
As I sat glued to the television watching the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, the words of Thomas Bach, the International Olympic Committee President struck a strong chord with me.  The speech was peppered with words like “solidarity”, “equality”, “respect” and “diversity”, words that I often use in my speeches as head of Hong Kong’s equality body...
殘疾騷擾、種族騷擾和性騷擾 (Chinese only)