Equal Opportunities Commission


E-news Issue 186


Mission for Migrant Workers’ training series to focus on elderly care and home safety

Hong Kong’s rapidly aging population means that more and more foreign domestic workers (FDWs) have to share the responsibility of looking after the elderly members of the families they work with. To equip FDWs with the knowledge and skills essential to elderly care, Mission for Migrant Workers will conduct training sessions on 10 June (2 – 6pm) and 15 July (10am – 2pm) at 4-8 Garden Road, Central as the latest chapter of their Care Training Series.

In addition, separate sessions will be organised on 27 May and 17 June (2 – 5pm) to offer FDWs useful tips on home safety, so that they can live and work in an environment free from hazards and accidents.

Interested individuals should send a message to Mission for Migrant Workers via their Facebook page (click link below).