Equal Opportunities Commission


Our Vision, Mission & Value

Vision, Mission & Value

The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) is a statutory body set up in 1996 to implement anti-discrimination legislation ("Legislation"). Currently there are four ordinances dealing with anti-discrimination, namely the Sex Discrimination Ordinance (SDO), the Disability Discrimination Ordinance (DDO), the Family Status Discrimination Ordinance (FSDO) and the Race Discrimination Ordinance (RDO).

Our Vision

To create a pluralistic and inclusive society free of discrimination where there is no barrier to equal opportunities.

Our Mission

We seek to achieve our vision by

  • establishing partnerships with all sectors in the community;
  • promoting awareness, understanding and acceptance of diversity and equal opportunities and providing education to prevent discrimination;
  • enforcing compliance with provisions in the anti-discrimination legislation; and
  • providing access to redress for discrimination.

Organisational Values

We will be in the forefront to uphold the principle of equal opportunities.
We will implement fair and impartial procedures and act with sound judgment in administering the anti-discrimination legislation.
We will respect the truth and act with integrity.
We will be courteous, sensitive and helpful to our clients and will do away with unnecessary bureaucracy.
We will be energetic and proactive in pursuing issues of discrimination.
We will carry out our functions and responsibilities with efficiency and will use our resources efficiently, effectively and responsibly.
We will operate with a high degree of transparency to enable the public to better understand our work and performance.
We will act freely and independently within the confines of the law and will not be subject to undue influence or pressure.
We will be accountable for our decisions and actions to the public and will submit ourselves to whatever scrutiny that is appropriate.