Equal Opportunities Commission


Impartiality Statement

Impartiality Statement

The Equal Opportunities Commission is mandated to investigate into complaints under the anti-discrimination ordinances and encourage the settlement of the matter through conciliation.

We are committed to discharge this statutory role in an impartial, fair, just and objective manner. We assume an unbiased stance and are not advocate for either party to the complaint.

Impartiality does not mean being neutral, nor does it mean being disengaged from the process. Due consideration is given to natural justice, parties’ right and obligation under the law, respecting the right to rebut and be heard, access to relevant information gathered, procedural fairness and transparency of process, and making known to parties the reasons behind our recommendations. In the conciliation process, the conciliator does not act for either party. Settlement of the matter is facilitated through the balancing of power disparity, exploring practicable options with parties and assisting parties to make informed decision.