Equal Opportunities Commission


Performance Pledge

We pledge to serve the community to the best of our abilities. We are committed to providing a courteous, helpful and efficient service. The service standard and the performance target we aim to achieve are as follows:

  Service Standard Performance Target
(% meeting standard)
Answer telephone enquiries during office hours Immediately 95%
Interview a walk-in enquirer at EOC office within 30 minutes 95%
Reply to written enquiries on complex issues within 14 working days 95%
Initiate action on a written complaint within 3 working days 100%
Interview a prospective complainant asking for an appointment within 5 working days 95%
Conclude a complaint case within 6 months 75%
Legal Assistance
Make a decision and inform an applicant of the outcome of application for legal assistance within 3 months 85%
Public Education and Promotion
Meet requests for talks on equal opportunity issues and legislation within 6 weeks 95%
Meet requests by mail or fax for EOC publications within 3 working days 95%
Meet requests for guided group visits within 5 working days 95%
Convene major promotional events within 12 months 60 activities
Participants satisfied with the training services provided by the EOC satisfactory 80%