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Conciliated Cases

About The Conciliated Cases

The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) maintains a database of some successfully resolved discrimination cases handled by the Commission (formerly known as the EOC Settlement Register).

The information provided in this webpage is primarily intended for the use of people involved in complaints at the EOC to assist them in the conciliation process. Nevertheless, the Commission anticipates that the information will also assist:

  1. Advocates and legal representatives
  2. Non-governmental organizations and community groups
  3. Students

Given that each case varies in terms of facts and circumstances, the EOC hopes that the conciliated cases will serve as a useful resource of information for the Hong Kong community as we work together towards equal opportunities for all.

The information about the conciliated cases should be used as a guide only. It should not be relied upon as a replacement for legal advice. If you are currently involved in a complaint being handled by the EOC, you should seek independent legal counsel if you need advice about your own circumstances.

It is important to note that this webpage contains information related to successfully conciliated cases, which are assessed on a different standard from the courts. In handling complaints, the EOC’s main purpose is to help parties resolve their discrimination dispute through conciliation, not to adjudicate. In general, complaints are resolved on a “without admission of liability” basis. The complaints that are summarized here, therefore, relate to allegations that are not proven, but for which a genuine dispute exists.

In keeping with its obligation to maintain confidentiality, the information in the webpage does not identify individuals and organizations in any specific way. Summaries of complaints also include comments or observations by the EOC covering points of law or useful hints, but are not part of the complaint itself.

The EOC welcomes comments from the community and urges those who feel that they are facing discrimination to contact us. We look forward to working together towards an inclusive society.

Please note that as the summaries contain details of complaints handled by the EOC, the webpage may in some instances include offensive material.

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