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Putting Equal Opportunities To Work

Why Is EO Important To Your Organization?

An employer is liable for the actions of their employees unless they can prove that they have taken reasonably practical steps to prevent discrimination and harassment occurring. Implementing Equal Opportunity (EO) allows you to:

  1. Demonstrate that your organization is up to date with its EO legal obligations. Take control of discrimination or harassment issues before they flare up.

  2. Reduce wastage of valuable time and resources in handling complaints.

  3. Avoid negative effects on staff morale and your organization's reputation.

  4. Improve customer service and the overall performance and bottomline of your organization.

  5. Ensure that services are provided equitably to all sectors of the community and decisions about employees are based on merit.

  6. Help to ensure that individuals develop to their full capacity and make their maximum contribution.

  7. Enhance your organization's image and customer relations.


What Services Do We Offer?

  • The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) can provide a range of training and consultancy services for your organization to implement an EO strategy.

  • We can review your existing policies, complaint handling procedures and other work practices and recommend appropriate practices and procedures in line with EO principles.

  • We can identify gaps and recommend solutions.

  • All are provided on a fee for service basis.


Who Needs To Know About EOC?

All staff of private enterprises, government agencies and non-government organizations need information on equal opportunity. Our training can be targeted to:

  • Senior managers, those with supervisory and policy-making responsibility.

  • Human resources, recruiting, employee relations and training staff.

  • Employers and service providers.

  • Educators, doctors, lawyers and other professionals.


What Training Can We Provide?

The training can be provided in a number of ways:

  1. We can deliver on-site tailor-made training.
  2. We can deliver online tailor-made training.
  3. Your staff can attend training courses at the EOC.



Training customised for individual organisations, please contact:

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