Equal Opportunities Commission


E-news Issue 202


Issue 202 | 23/01/2019

One in four university students subject to sexual harassment, according to EOC’s study

Despite ongoing preventive efforts among local universities, incidents of sexual harassment still make news every now and again, from professors making unwanted advances on students to freshmen being pressured into playing sexually charged games at orientation camps. For any solution to be effective, we need to first grasp the full picture of sexual harassment of university students in Hong Kong. The EOC thus conducted a territory-wide study in 2018, the findings of which were released on 21 January 2019.

Access to meetings for PWDs can be better ensured, writes EOC Chairperson

While barrier-free facilities have become a less obscure concept over the past few years, people with disabilities (PWDs) continue to encounter obstacles in different areas of life from time to time. Recently, the EOC received enquiries about the barriers PWDs face when participating in shareholder meetings held by listed companies, a seemingly commonplace activity in the eyes of able-bodied investors.

Kick-start your equality campaign with EOC’s Community Participation Funding Programme

Even the best idea needs resources to come to fruition. If you are committed to driving changes in Hong Kong’s equality landscape but having a hard time greasing the wheels, do consider joining the EOC’s Community Participation Funding Programme. Open for applications until 15 March 2019, the programme offers a maximum of HK$50,000 to each approved project and testifies to our belief in collaborating with community organisations to spread the message of anti-discrimination.

Digital inclusion champions awarded under Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme

Computers, tablets and smartphones have revolutionised the way we shop, study, find jobs, get our news, manage finances, and connect with our friends and loved ones. Yet, the digital world, however easy and colourful it has made our life, will remain off-limits to people with disabilities (PWDs) when websites and mobile applications fail to provide text alternatives for images, captions for videos, or PDF files in an accessible format.

Five-day statutory paternity leave now in effect

The extension of Hong Kong’s statutory paternity leave to five days took effect on 18 January 2019.