Equal Opportunities Commission


E-news Issue 215


Issue 215 | 13/08/2019

Signatories of Racial Diversity & Inclusion Charter exchange insights at roundtable

Although diversity is a buzzword in the business sector today, gainful employment remains a pipe dream for many ethnic minorities (EM) in Hong Kong...

EOC’s Annual Report 2017/18 crowned Silver winner at LACP 2018 Vision Awards

The EOC’s 2017/18 Annual Report has recently garnered a Silver Award at the 2018 Vision Awards Annual Report Competition, organised by the League of American Communications Professionals LLC (LACP)...

EOC supports the 7th Asian Conference on Sexuality Education

Society is changing, and sexuality education has to keep up. How can we equip students with ideas of consent and respect, for example, as they plunge into the world of online dating...

Women’s Festival hits town this month

From glass ceilings and motherhood penalty to body shaming and sex negativity, the modern-day woman remains shackled by prejudice, stereotypes and taboos on her path to autonomy and empowerment...