Equal Opportunities Commission


E-news Issue 241


Issue 241 | 10/09/2020

EOC warns of continued discriminatory practices amid COVID-19

In response to media enquiries, the EOC issued a statement on 31 August 2020, condemning a notice put up by a restaurant saying that it would not serve customers....

EOC to give webinar on preventing sexual harassment in churches

The EOC and Hong Kong Christian Council will host a webinar entitled “Making Our Church Safe for All: Seminar on Preventing Sexual Harassment in Church” on...

EOC Chairperson calls out gender bias and stereotyping in media

Esteemed feminist writer Simone de Beauvoir famously described women in a 1949 book as the “second sex”, observing that in the patriarchal society of her times, women and everything...

Unlock your project’s potential with EOC’s support

Application to the EOC’s 2020/21 Community Participation Funding Programme (2nd batch) will close on 18 September 2020 (Friday)...