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E-news Issue 267


Education Bureau launches one-stop website SENSE to provide information on support for students with special educational needs

The Education Bureau (EDB) launched a one-stop website SENSE (sense.edb.gov.hk) on 30 September to facilitate easy access by schools, parents and the public to the latest information and online resources on integrated education and special education for supporting students with special educational needs (SEN).

The website is comprised of five dedicated pages, namely “Integrated Education”, “Special Education”, “Professional Support”, “Professional Development of Teachers” and “Types of Special Educational Needs”. In particular, the “Types of Special Educational Needs” page provides schools and parents with the related resources and support measures for each types of SEN for reference and application.

The EDB hopes that the SENSE website can help schools, parents and the public in supporting students with SEN, and in turn enhance the students’ learning and realise their potential at different developmental stages.