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Press Releases

Press Releases

Appointment of Members of Equal Opportunities Commission (Issued by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region)


The Government announced today (18 May 2017) that the Chief Executive has appointed six new members and re-appointed nine incumbent members to the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) for a term of two years with effect from May 20, 2017. Amongst the nine re-appointed incumbent members, Dr Maggie Koong May-kay has been re-appointed for one year with effect from May 20, 2017.

The newly appointed members are:

• Prof Cecilia Chan Lai-wan 
•  Dr Andy Chiu Man-chung 
•  Mr Mohan Datwani 
•  Miss Maisy Ho Chiu-ha 
•  Mr Henry Shie Wai-hung 
•  Dr Rizwan Ullah

The re-appointed members are: 

•  Prof Susanne Choi Yuk-ping 
•  The Honourable Holden Chow Ho-ding 
•  Dr Maggie Koong May-kay 
•  Ms Elizabeth Law 
•  Dr Trisha Leahy 
•  Prof Honourable Joseph Lee Kok-long 
•  Ms Juan Leung Chung-yan 
•  Ms Shirley Marie Therese Loo 
•  Miss Yu Chui-yee

“We are grateful for the contribution of all incumbent members to the work of the EOC in the past two years. They have displayed enthusiasm and commitment in assisting the promotion of equal opportunities. They have also provided valuable input to the various areas of work of the EOC,” said the Government spokesman.

“The new membership of the EOC continues to represent a balanced mix of expertise and sectors, including women, persons with disability, ethnic minorities, employment, social services, legal, accounting, academics and education, and the community at large. Their experience and expertise will be invaluable to the work of the EOC in promoting equal opportunities.”

“We would like to take the opportunity to thank Ms Susanna Chiu Lai-kuen, Mr Amirali Bakirali Nasir, Mr Zaman Minhas Qamar, Ms Su-mei Thompson, Dr Sandra Tsang Kit-man and Mr Nelson Yip Siu-hong. They have served on the EOC for four to eight years and offered unfailing support to the work of the Commission.”

“We look forward to the concerted efforts of all the members, under the leadership of the Chairperson, Prof Alfred Chan Cheung-ming, to take forward the work to promote equal opportunities and eliminate discrimination in the community in accordance with the four existing anti-discrimination ordinances,” the spokesman added.


Brief background information of the newly appointed members

Prof Cecilia Chan Lai-wan is Professor of the Department of Social Work and Social Administration at the University of Hong Kong. She also serves as a member of the Women’s Commission.

Dr Andy Chiu Man-chung is Associate Professor and Head of Department of Law and Business at the Hong Kong Shue Yan University, specialising in gender-related issues.

Mohan Datwani is the founder of Koo and Partners and the Global Partner of Paul Hastings. He is also the Senior Director and Head of Technical & Research of the Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries.

Maisy Ho Chiu-ha is the Executive Director of Shun Tak Holdings Limited and a former Chairman of the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals.

Henry Shie Wai-hung is the Executive Director of Hiu Kwong Nursing Services Limited and serves on a number of Government advisory and statutory bodies.

Dr Rizwan Ullah is the Head of Communications and Public Affairs Division of Delia Memorial School (Hip Wo). He is also recommended by the Diversity List 2016 issued by the Zubin Foundation.