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Press Releases

Press Releases

The EOC Welcomes New Members and Extends Gratitude to Outgoing Members


The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) welcomes the announcement by the Government today (30 April 2021) on the appointment of five new Members to the Commission by the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. They will serve a two-year term with effect from 20 May 2021. The newly appointed Members are:

• Ms CHAN Lai-kwan
• Ms CHOI Yi-tak
• Dr Theresa CUNANAN
• Ms Linda TSANG Chi-man
• Miss YIM Chor-pik

The EOC also welcomes the re-appointment of 9 existing Members by the Chief Executive. They are:

• Prof Cecilia CHAN Lai-wan
• The Hon Vincent CHENG Wing-shun
• Prof Andy CHIU Man-chung
• Mr Mohan DATWANI
• Miss Maisy HO Chiu-ha
• Dr Henry SHIE Wai-hung
• Dr Rizwan ULLAH
• Mr Gary WONG Chi-him

Mr Ricky CHU, Chairperson of the EOC, welcomes the newly appointed and re-appointed Members. “The new appointees represent a diverse range of backgrounds and expertise, and have extensive experience in public service. I am sure they will bring valuable insights to the EOC and add to the wealth of experience of the existing Board. The new Members, along with the re-appointed Members who have served the Commission with dedication and commitment, will guide the Commission ahead as we strive to build a pluralistic and inclusive society free of discrimination, and respond to the needs of the society.”

“We would also like to express our deep gratitude to the five outgoing Members, namely Prof Susanne CHOI Yuk-ping, Ms Elizabeth LAW, Ms Juan LEUNG Chung-yan, Ms Shirley Marie Therese LOO and Miss YU Chui-yee, for their important contributions, immense efforts and valuable advice in the past years. I am sure that with their commitment to equal opportunities, they will continue to provide unfailing support to the EOC,” Mr CHU said.


Equal Opportunities Commission
30 April 2021


Membership List
Equal Opportunities Commission平等機會委員會委員
(with effect from 20 May 2021 / 2021年5月20日生效)

Chairperson 主席
Mr CHU Man-Kin, Ricky, I.D.S. (朱敏健先生)

1. Ms CHAN Lai-kwan, M. H. (陳麗群女士)
2. Prof CHAN Lai-wan, Cecilia, J.P. (陳麗雲教授)
3. The Hon CHENG Wing-shun, Vincent, M.H., J.P. (鄭泳舜議員)
4. Prof CHIU Man-chung, Andy (趙文宗教授)
5. Ms CHOI Yi-tak (蔡懿德女士)
6. Dr Theresa CUNANAN (高德蘭博士)
7. Mr Mohan DATWANI (高朗先生)
8. Ms HO Chiu-ha, Maisy, B.B.S. (何超蕸女士)
9. Mr LAM Ken-chung, Simon (藍建中先生)
10. Dr LEUNG Sai-man, Sigmund, B.B.S., J.P. (梁世民醫生)
11. Dr SHIE Wai-hung, Henry (謝偉鴻博士)
12. Ms Anna THOMPSON (唐安娜女士)
13. Dr Rizwan ULLAH (利哲宏博士)
14. Ms TSANG Chi-man, Linda (曾志文女士)
15. Mr WONG Chi-him, Gary (黃梓謙先生)
16. Miss YIM Chor-pik (嚴楚碧女士)