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Press Releases

Press Releases

The EOC Welcomes Re-appointment of EOC Members


The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) welcomes the announcement by the Government today (6 May 2022) on the re-appointment of Mr Simon LAM Ken-chung and Dr Sigmund LEUNG Sai-man as Members of the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) for a term of two years with effect from 20 May 2022. (Please refer to the Appendix for the list of the Membership of the EOC.)

Mr Ricky CHU Man-kin, Chairperson of the EOC, welcomes the re-appointment: “Mr Simon LAM Ken-chung and Dr Sigmund LEUNG Sai-man have served the Commission with dedication and commitment and we are grateful for their continued services to the EOC. The EOC Board which comprises Members from a mix of expertise and sectors, will continue to work closely with stakeholders to strive for a pluralistic and inclusive society without discrimination, and effectively carry out our statutory duties in serving the community and responding to the needs of the society.” 


Equal Opportunities Commission
6 May 2022


Membership List
Equal Opportunities Commission

Chairperson 主席
Mr CHU Man-Kin, Ricky, I.D.S.  (朱敏健先生)

1.    Ms CHAN Lai-kwan, Queenie, M.H.  (陳麗群女士)
2.    Prof CHAN Lai-wan, Cecilia, J.P.  (陳麗雲教授)
3.    The Hon CHENG Wing-shun, Vincent, M.H., J.P.  (鄭泳舜議員)
4.    Prof CHIU Man-chung, Andy  (趙文宗教授)
5.    Ms CHOI Yi-tak, Rosanna  (蔡懿德女士)
6.    Dr. Theresa CUNANAN  (高德蘭博士)
7.    Mr Mohan DATWANI   (高朗先生)
8.    Ms HO Chiu-ha, Maisy, B.B.S.  (何超蕸女士)
9.    Mr LAM Ken-chung, Simon  (藍建中先生)
10.    Dr LEUNG Sai-man, Sigmund, B.B.S., J.P.  (梁世民醫生)
11.    Dr SHIE Wai-hung, Henry  (謝偉鴻博士)
12.    Ms Anna THOMPSON  (唐安娜女士)
13.    Ms TSANG Chi-man, Linda  (曾志文女士)
14.    Dr Rizwan ULLAH, M.H.  (利哲宏博士)
15.    Mr WONG Chi-him, Gary  (黃梓謙先生)
16.    Miss YIM Chor-pik, Rabi  (嚴楚碧女士)