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Press Releases

EOC Urges Employers to Take Sexual Harassment Cases Seriously


The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) today stated that the District Court has dismissed the case of NG Shui Lan vs CHAN Sai Man and Global Centre Development Limited with the agreement of all parties with no findings as to liability. Each side has agreed to pay its own costs.

"Sexual harassment cases are difficult on the victims who have to re-live the incidents and are made vulnerable for a second time," said Ms. Anna WU, Chairperson of the Commission. "The case also illustrates the problems victims have in proving sexual harassment particularly where there are no witnesses. These cases are certainly not easy ones to deal with."

"However," added Ms. WU, "the EOC is committed to bring these actions to court where the principles are important and have widespread applicability in Hong Kong. Employers need to take these matters seriously and do all they can to prevent such unlawful acts from occurring in the workplace."

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