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Press Releases

EOC Gives Legal Assistance in First Civil Case Under Disability Discrimination Ordinance


The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) announced today (12 August 1997) that it has instituted legal proceedings in its first civil case in the Disctrict Court on behalf of Ms Ma Bik-yung, under the Disability Discrimination Ordinance (DDO), Cap. 487.

Ms Ma who is a wheel-chair user had lodged a complaint with the EOC alleging that she has been discriminated against by a taxi-driver when she used taxi services offered by him. As there had not been a settlement of the matter by conciliation, Ms Ma applied to the EOC for legal assistance to bring the case to court.

The EOC has agreed to give legal assistance to Ms Ma Bik-yung on the basis that the case raises a question of principle and an issue of public interest.

Dr. Fanny Cheung Mui-ching, Chairperson of the EOC, said, "The application for legal assistance was granted having regard to the principle that persons with a disability who have a mobility problem need assistance to use all forms of transport."

"The EOC seeks to assist all aggrieved persons who have lodged a complaint of discrimination or harassment under the Sex Discrimination Ordinance or the Disability Discrimination Ordinance."

"Other than investigating into complaints and helping to settle such complaints through conciliation, the EOC may give legal asistance to complainants in certain cases. The type of legal assistance given may vary from case to case." Dr. Cheung said.

Lawyers of the EOC will be handling the case and representing the plaintiff in her action. The proceedings have been instituted in the name of Ms Ma.

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