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Press Releases

EOC Statement on the Independent Panel of Inquiry Report


The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) shares the view held by the Independent Panel of Inquiry, that concerted efforts are required to enhance the credibility of the EOC. The Commission and staff will align their efforts to attain that goal. We shall ensure that serious consideration be given to implement recommendations in the Report that would effect a relevant impact on the accountability, transparency, governance and credibility of the EOC.

In the past year, the Equal Opportunities Commission has undertaken a number of initiatives to ensure our service to the public has not been dented in any way. Two reviews conducted by external experts have been completed on the role, organizational and management structure of the EOC, as well as procedures and practices related to human resources management policies. During this time of change, the EOC staff remain determined to serve in the best interests of the Commission. The Commission is focused on maintaining business as usual, and our work in 2004 demonstrates that commitment.

The Commission will continue to strive for progress, to meet new challenges in serving the community.

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