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Press Releases

Launch of EOC's SME Corner on the TDC Website


The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) announces today the launching of the EOC's SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) Corner on the Trade Development Council (TDC) website. From now on, in addition to the EOC's website at http://www.eoc.org.hk, members of the public can also obtain information about equal opportunities at http://www.tdctrade.com, the TDC website.

With full support from the TDC, the Commission is linked to the TDC website through an "Equal Opportunities=Added Value!" icon that directs visitors to the EOC's SME Corner. Through the TDC website with a daily average of 700,000 visitors, more employers and employees can now find out how equal opportunities work for business.

Ms. Anna Wu, Chairperson of the EOC, said "This website link between the EOC and the TDC is one of our important initiatives to promote a closer partnership with the business sector. The EOC's SME Corner is useful to employers and employees of Hong Kong's 280,000 small and medium size businesses. That accounts for 98 per cent of business enterprises here."

Ms Wu continued, "The information we provide on the anti-discrimination ordinances and the benefits of equal opportunities will encourage good management practices in the workplace. This will match the right person with the right job, companies will be able to retain more talent and increase its competitive edge."

Members of the public can obtain the following information from the EOC's SME Corner:

1. Anti-discrimination Ordinances

2. Codes of Practice on Employment under the three anti-discrimination ordinances

3. Good Management Practice Series

4. List of EOC's Publications

For enquiries, please contact Mr. Sam Ho, Equal Opportunities Officer, at 2106-2187.

Enquiry: Mr. Sam HO        21062187