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Press Releases

EOC Chairperson Commented on Sexist Remarks of a Councillor of the Provisional Urban Council


Dr. Fanny CHEUNG Mui-ching, Chairperson of the Equal Opportunities Commission, said she was appalled at hearing the sexist remarks of a councillor of the Provisional Urban Council which were made against the Director of Urban Services Department at an open meeting yesterday (12 January).

"I have listened to the tape which contained such remarks and found them totally derogatory. These remarks are blatantly gender-biased and should not be allowed," Dr. CHEUNG said.
"I urge chairpersons of public meetings to vigilantly guard against discriminatory comments in proceedings," Dr. CHEUNG added.

Dr. CHEUNG pointed out that discriminatory comments whether related to gender or disability, age or race, should be condemned. She also said it was regrettable that recently a remark by an Airport Authority official on facilities for people with visual impairment at the airport was offensive. She said it would require long term public education to change such attitudes.

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