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Press Releases

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In response to a radio programme on Commercial Radio 2 that surveyed "the most popular actress for indecent assault," the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) issues the following :
"We have noted the strong reaction from the community. The general sentiment appears to be that such a popular radio programme aimed at young audiences, should not be used to denigrate women in general, carrying degrading and insulting content against half of our population," said Mr. Raymond TANG, Chairperson of the EOC. 
"Since the EOC began to serve Hong Kong in 1996, we have worked closely with the media to promote gender equality, campaigning against gender stereotyping, sexual harassment and violence. Over the past year, we have been co-operating with tertiary education institutes on several initiatives to prevent sexual harassment on campus. Unfortunately, the radio programme in question is likely to have the effect of making our efforts much more arduous," said Mr. TANG.
For media enquiries, please contact Ms. Mariana LAW at 2106-2226.
Equal Opportunities Commission
5 June 2006