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Press Releases

EOC Statement on Race Discrimination Bill


Regarding the government's decision to introduce the Race Discrimination Bill into the Legislative Council on 13 December 2006, the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) issues the following:
Mr. Raymond Tang, Chairperson of the EOC said, "We are pleased to note that the legislative process for the Race Discrimination Bill has begun. This is an important exercise in terms of social development. No doubt, the proposed bill will be debated and discussed in detail by all interested parties as it embarks on its passage through the Legislative Council."
"Racial integration as a subject, requires both legal regulation as well as promotion and public education to achieve racial harmony in our society. In order to raise awareness and promote understanding of this new legislation, the Commission has started laying the groundwork through liaison and discussion with our stakeholders, which in turn will inform us on the relevant issues and concerns when we begin to draft the relevant Codes of Practice and best practice guidelines," Mr. Tang concluded.    

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