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Press Releases

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In response to reports published in the Oriental Daily and the Sun newspapers today (13 February 2007), the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) states that there is no proposal for an across-the-board salary increase for EOC staff.

The salary of EOC staff generally tracks civil service pay. Before 1 June 2003, in line with the Government's policy and similar to other statutory bodies, EOC staff were eligible for annual salary increments, subject to the maximum point of their salary scale not being reached.

While the civil service continued to provide annual increment to civil servants, the Commission took the initiative to freeze staff's salary increment from June 2003. Consideration is being given to embark on an overall pay study, which may include pay level and increment policy, taking into account the outcome of the Government's study on civil service pay and EOC's linkage with the civil service pay system.

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