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Press Releases

EOC Statement on International Day of Disabled Persons


In supporting the United Nation's International Day of Disabled Persons (3 December 2007), Mr. Raymond TANG, Chairperson of the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC), said, "Since the establishment of the EOC in 1996, we have been working towards advancing equal opportunities for people with disabilities (PWDs) through implementing the Disability Discrimination Ordinance (DDO). With eleven years' of focused efforts, we have witnessed changes and advancement but more remains to be done."

"It's opportune for the EOC to review the impact of the DDO over the past decade so as to plan the way forward in building a level-playing field for PWDs. The EOC will organize a major seminar titled "Our Ten Years under the DDO ---- Moving Forward, Changing Cultures" on 24 January 2008. The Seminar aims to promote understanding of disability rights and equality in all areas of life in Hong Kong," Mr. TANG elaborated.

The EOC will continue to lend its support to the disability community's campaign for the provision of concessionary public transport fares to the PWDs.  "Public transport ensures participation in community life, and plays an essential role in tackling social exclusion. It is also an essential facility to enable PWDs to fully participate in our society. By providing concessionary fares to PWDs, public transport operators are fulfilling their corporate social responsibilities, which is the hallmark of a mature and socially-conscious business community," Mr. TANG emphasized. 

The EOC plans to release the report on the Formal Investigation on Accessibility in Certain Publicly Accessible Premises in early 2008. The Formal Investigation aims to achieve sustainable solutions on accessibility issues and create a barrier-free environment for PWDs.

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