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Press Releases

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In response to reports published in the Oriental Daily News and The Sun newspapers today (3 October 2008), the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) states that there is NO plan for introducing sabbatical leave for EOC staff, paid or unpaid.
The suggestion of no-paid sabbatical leave was initiated by staff representatives in the Staff Consultative Group (SCG) as a work-life balance and family-friendly initiative. The SCG is an established channel of communication and consultation on issues that affect staff interests. As the suggestion does not conform with EOC‘s existing staff policy and resource utilization policy, there is NO plan to put it forward to the EOC Meeting for further discussion.
        “During the tenure of the present EOC Chairperson, Mr. Raymond TANG, no extended or sabbatical leave has been approved for any EOC staff,” said an EOC spokesperson. “The EOC will upkeep the principle that the public funding allocated to it will only be spent with full justifications.”
For media enquiries, please contact Ms. Mariana LAW Po-chu at 2106-2226.
Equal Opportunities Commission
3 October 2008