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Press Releases

EOC responds to Public Accounts Committee Audit Report No. 52


The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) has taken careful note of the comments and suggestions made by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) in its Report No. 52.
The EOC agrees with the PAC of the need to ensure good governance, accountability and transparency in its operations, and to abide by the “moderate and conservative” principle in making expenditure decisions.
“As the executive head of the EOC, I accept the responsibility for the inadequacies identified in the report and willingly apologise for the adverse effect on the EOC which has arisen as a result of it,” said Mr. Raymond TANG, the EOC Chairperson.
In its efforts to realize continuous improvement and to further enhance its internal management capabilities, the EOC has formed a Working Group comprising of EOC Members and chaired by the Convenor of the Administration and Finance Committee to follow up on the recommendations in the reports of the PAC and the Audit Commission. The Chairperson will work closely with EOC Members to improve its internal operations and procedures and to establish a corporate culture to ensure the prudent use of public funds. Various improvement measures in response to the suggestions raised in the Audit Commission’s Report have already been carried out.
The EOC is committed to its mission of creating, with the support of the community, an environment where there is no barrier to equal opportunities and no discrimination.
For media enquiry, please contact Ms. Mariana LAW at 2106-2226.
8 July 2009
Equal Opportunities Commission