Equal Opportunities Commission



“Share and Pass” Carnival for the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
Organized by Hong Kong Unison

Speech by Mr LAM Woon-kwong, Chairperson, Equal Opportunities Commission


Good afternoon. I am delighted to be here. Thank you to Hong Kong Unison for inviting me.

Today, we join the world to celebrate the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Today, we renew our commitment to strive for equality among all people, regardless of their racial background.

Hong Kong is a city of immigrants. There are more Hongkongers who have migrated here than were born here, for the city has long offered refuge to those seeking a better future. As a society, we have benefited from this sharing of cultures and passing of ideas, from group to group, generation to generation. This diversity has helped us to become a centre of business and finance in Asia, as we are pushed to grow from this interaction of different views and inspirations.

However, the monster of stereotyping and prejudice continues to live among us, prohibiting us from becoming an inclusive society. Biases are still held about certain groups which are not based on facts, but on false assumptions. These outdated ideas give rise to discriminatory attitudes and actions.

So on this important day, we should reflect on how we may be more open with each other and cultivate mutual understanding amongst the different groups of people in this city. Today, we can make an inspired start to working together towards a better Hong Kong for all.

Thank you, and enjoy the afternoon.