Equal Opportunities Commission



Equal Opportunity Youth Ambassadors Orientation Gathering
Organised by Equal Opportunities Commission

Speech by Mr Ricky CHU Man-kin, Chairperson, Equal Opportunities Commission


Good afternoon everyone. Let me first extend a very warm welcome to our Youth Ambassadors. It is indeed a great pleasure to meet you in person, having read your credentials on paper and watched your video presentations. 

This is the first time the Equal Opportunities Commission is organising this Equal Opportunity Youth Ambassador Scheme. Our original target was to recruit about 30 participants, but in the end because you are all so good, we ended up with 36 participants. So do give yourself a big round of applause for your impressive good work so far.   

While you are coming from different backgrounds and institutions, and some may be speaking different languages, you all share a common belief in the value of equal opportunities, and the passion and determination to make a difference. In filing your application to become an Equal Opportunity Youth Ambassador, you have initiated “action” to get yourselves engaged and bring about positive influence and changes – in the place you study and live, in your own community and in society.

In the coming few weeks or months, you will be exposed to a diverse range of experiences through visits, exchange and meetings. I am hopeful that these first-hand experiences will deepen your understanding of equal opportunity issues, and empower you to take action for making Hong Kong an equal and inclusive city. As the contemporary Chinese educator Tao Xingzhi (陶行知) said: “Knowledge starts from action, and action produces knowledge” (行是知之始,知是行之成). I wish that you will gain as much knowledge, friendship and new experiences from this Scheme, and I look forward to seeing your videos and presentations at our final gathering. Thank you.