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Formal Launch of the EOC’s revamped website

Formal Launch of the EOC's revamped website

We are very pleased to announce that the Equal Opportunities Commission (the Commission)’s revamped website has been formally launched since Monday, 25 October, 2021.  

The revamped website has a clean and uncluttered design.  It is easier to navigate and user-friendly.  The website also has a comprehensive degree filter to streamline searches by website visitors according to their needs. 

The revamped website has improved functionalities, such as a responsive web design which automatically adjusts for different screen sizes and mobile devices and printer-friendly.  Furthermore a simplified Chinese character version has been added which aims at enhancing the accessibility of the Commission’s website.

We trust that you will find the navigation on the Commission’s website a good experience that meets your needs.  


Equal Opportunities Commission
25 October 2021