Equal Opportunities Commission


E-news Issue 189


Everest conqueror Ada Tsang inspires students with stereotype-busting story

In 2002, the EOC launched the Youth Challenge programme with the aim to empower the younger generation to knock off stereotypes and other barriers in pursuing their dreams. This year saw the 15th edition of the programme, with Ms Ada TSANG Yin-hung, the first Hong Kong woman to conquer Mount Everest, as one of the mentors.

On 28 June, Ms Tsang was invited to recount her heart-stopping experience reaching the summit before 500 secondary school students. Her success came after seven years of rigorous training, two failed attempts, life-threatening avalanches and earthquakes, and the tragic loss of a close companion. As challenging as it was, her determination grew with each hardship that came in her way, and she made conquering Everest her goal to give her students a living example of hard work and dedication.

Notwithstanding her success, Ms. Tsang reminded students at the talk that we should never stay complacent or stop equipping ourselves for the future. It is also important not to lose our hope and ambition even in the face of prejudice and discrimination, whether it is based on our gender, disability, race or age.

The last sharing session of Youth Challenge 2017/18 will be held on 30 July, when participants of The Women Foundation’s T.E.E.N. Programme will visit the EOC and learn about concepts about equal opportunity and ways to combat stereotypes.